Off-the-shelf mRNA and LNP

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PackGene offers a library of carefully designed and pre-stocked mRNA for reporter expression.

  • Carefully designed and pre-stocked reporter or genome editing mRNAs designed for tracking transfection efficiency and the duration of expression in cultured cells or in vivo.
  • Ready for translation mRNA are fully processed, capped, and polyadenylated.
  • Pre-stocked mRNA are prefect for testing cell lines or animal models.
  • LNP sampler kits are available to help determine the LNP formulation that best suits your specific needs. LNP sampler kits are available with either EGFP or Firefly luciferase reporter mRNA.
  • Ready to ship in 1-3 business days for in-stock products.
  • Custom mRNA with or without LNP from RUO to GMP are also available upon request.

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Off-the-shelf mRNA

PackGene provides ready-to-use mRNA for the expression of reporter proteins. These mRNA have been carefully designed and are readily available for monitoring transfection efficiency and expression duration in cultured cells or in vivo. Our ready-to-use mRNAs closely resemble fully processed, capped, and polyadenylated mRNAs and are,poised for translation by the ribosome.

All of our reporter gene mRNAs are offered with modified with N1-methyl-pseudo Uridine to mitigate innate immune responses. Some reporter gene mRNA are also offered with an unmodified base. These catalog mRNAs are offered in in single experiment or bulk quantities for convenience.

In stock mRNAs are ready to ship in 1-3 business days.

EGFP (Cap1, N1meψ)

EGFP (Cap 1, unmodified)

mCherry (Cap1, N1meψ)

mCherry (Cap1, unmodified)

tdTomato (Cap1, N1meψ)

Firefly Luciferase (Cap1, N1meψ)

Firefly Luciferase (Cap1, unmodified)

Renilla Luciferase (Cap1, N1meψ)

beta-gal (Cap1, N1meψ)

OVA (Cap1, N1meψ)

EPO (Cap1, N1meψ)

LNP Sample Kit
Packgene provides an LNP sample kit that includes aliquots of EGFP or Firefly luciferase mRNA loaded into four distinct LNP formulations. This kit is designed to help you identify the LNP formulation that best suits your needs. In addition, we provide empty LNP to serve as the negative control.

In stock LNP sample kits are ready to ship in 1-3 business days.

Gene name LNP SKU
EGFP (Cap1) DLin-MC3 LNPGFP001 More
ALC-0315 LNPGFP002 More
SM-102 LNPGFP003 More
LP01 LNPGFP004 More
formulation 1-4 LNPGFP000 More
EGFP (Cap1, N1meψ) DLin-MC3 LNPMGFP001 More
ALC-0315 LNPMGFP002 More
SM-102 LNPMGFP003 More
LP01 LNPMGFP004 More
formulation 1-4 LNPMGFP000 More
Fluc (Cap1) DLin-MC3 LNPLUC001 More
ALC-0315 LNPLUC002 More
SM-102 LNPLUC003 More
LP01 LNPLUC004 More
formulation 1-4 LNPLUC000 More
Fluc (Cap1, N1meψ) DLin-MC3 LNPMLUC001 More
ALC-0315 LNPMLUC002 More
SM-102 LNPMLUC003 More
LP01 LNPMLUC004 More
formulation 1-4 LNPMLUC000 More
Empty DLin-MC3 LNPE001 More
ALC-0315 LNPE002 More
SM-102 LNPE003 More
LP01 LNPE004 More
formulation 1-4 LNPE000 More
EGFP mRNA LNP Huh7 cell line transduction

Plus, if you need a custom mRNA no matter for research or GMP production, or need assistance for testing LNP encapsulation and LNP formulation development, we’re here to help! Trust us to help you optimize your experiments and get the results you need.

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