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At PackGene, we specialize in providing tailored Lentivirus services to meet your research needs. Whether you’re conducting in vitro discovery work, in vivo experiments, or pre-clinical studies, we offer Lentivirus solutions in a wide range of quantities and qualities. Our one-stop solution covers everything from vector design and virus packaging to thorough analysis and testing.

Explore our Lentivirus Packaging service for reliable and scalable solutions tailored to your needs, with prompt delivery times. Our accurate titer measurements with post-transduction qPCR eliminate any concerns of overestimation. Additionally, our enhanced safety measures, such as the “self-inactivating” 3rd-generation system, increase biosafety.

Take advantage of our Gene to Lentivirus service, where we guide you through the process of transforming genes into lentiviruses, streamlining your research endeavors. Our comprehensive services begin with assisting you from the initial stages of designing and constructing lentivirus plasmids to the seamless delivery of the virus.

We understand the importance of quality control, which is why we conduct additional QC tests to ensure the reliability and efficiency of our lentiviral products. Alongside post-transduction titer measurements, we also offer p24 ELISA, Mycoplasma tests, Bioburden tests, Endotoxin tests, and many more.

Experience the difference with PackGene – your trusted partner for Lentivirus solutions. Contact us today to learn more and discuss how we can support your research goals.

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