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Welcome to PackGene Vector Design, this free online DNA construct design tool will simplify your plasmid design work. Developed with researchers in mind, this cutting-edge plasmid design tool streamlines the conceptualization of DNA constructs, making complex tasks more accessible and efficient.

Equipped with a vast library of plasmid backbones that are suited for a wide range of applications, the PackGene Vector Design tool is your go-to resource for viral vector design. Our base library includes numerous AAV and lentivirus vectors that have been rigorously verified for effective viral packaging to enable worry-free vector design. Additionally, we are excited to announce the upcoming availability of vectors for protein expression, gene editing, shRNA, and cloning to further broaden our support for your plasmid construction needs.

How To Use

Engage in an intuitive design experience by selecting a backbone and incorporating your gene sequence or choosing from pre-loaded elements. Our plasmid design tool makes constructing a functional vector as straightforward and enjoyable as assembling building blocks. You can tailor your design to include various expression cassettes for regulated gene expression, fluorescent labeling, enhanced gene expression through regulatory elements and poly A signals, and the delivery of gene editing machinery into target cells.

Our built-in error-detection script meticulously verifies your design to ensure accuracy in reading frames and translation stop positions. With the PackGene Vector Design error-detection script you can have confidence in the quality of your plasmid construction.

Progressing from design to realization is seamless with PackGene Vector Design. Our integrated ordering process includes gene synthesis, cloning, AAV or lentivirus packaging, among other services. Our aim is to streamline the transition from vector construction to application. You may also request additional plasmids or analytical tests to support your broader research, development, or preclinical study objectives with ease.


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