Full Plasmid DNA & rAAV CDMO Service
for Your Research

Our team of scientists will work with you to
deliver the custom CDMO service that best meets your needs.

CDMO Services

PackGene offers multiple CDMO services in Plasmid and AAV  that meet your research & clinical experiment needs. See below link for more detail information.


Plasmid Services

Offers multiple scales & grade of solutions of various kind of plasmids suitable for multiple treatments in a fast and cost effective way

GMP Bacteria Banking

Plasmid Non-GMP Manufacturing

Plasmid GMP-like Manufacturing

Plasmid cGMP Manufacturing

Plasmids One-Stop Solution


AAV Services

Provides AAV services ranging from small-scale AAV production, to large-scale AAV cGMP manufacturing for animal studies

GMP Cell Banking

cGMP Process Development

AAV Non-GMP Manufacturing

AAV GMP-like Manufacturing

AAV cGMP Manufacturing

AAV One-stop solution


Fill & Finish and Analitical studies

Offers automated fill & finish with maximum 4000 vials per batch capacity. Offers AAV and Plasmid quality studies services

Aseptic Fill & Finish

AAV Quality Study & QC Services

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