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Plasmids One-Stop Solution

Plasmids have been widely adopted across multiple modalities of treatment including Gene and Cell Therapies (GCT), mRNA/DNA Vaccines, and Nucleic acid drug. PackGene provides a one-stop solution for GMP plasmid projects including bacteria banking, process development, analytical methodology development, plasmid manufacturing, stability testing, and document preparation.

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Plasmids One-Stop Solution Services

One-stop Plasmid Solution Timeline

Detailed One-stop Plasmid Solution Workflow

plasmids one-stop solution services

Advantages of our plasmid one-stop solution

  • Productivity: Two independent cGMP production lines with up to 200L production scale.
  • Quality: Isolated production lines, rigorous cleaning methods, and the use of disposable materials completely avoid cross-contamination.
  • Flexibility: Multiple scales and grades of production make it possible to complete your project with high efficacy at a reasonable price.
  • Professional: PackGene’s expert production team has more than 10 years of experience in plasmid manufacturing.
  • Advanced equipment:  Single-use technology applied in both upstream & downstream processes. Fill & Finish under VHP isolator.