AAV Packaging - HT Grade

Unlock the full potential of your research with our HT Grade AAV Packaging Service—a tailored solution designed for swift and efficient delivery, cost-effectiveness, and optimal performance in cell culture experiments. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and expenses, and embrace a streamlined approach to elevate your AAV production process.

Our HT Grade AAV Packaging Service is crafted to meet the demands of researchers seeking a balance between speed, cost-effectiveness, and superior performance. With a focus on providing you with the best value, we exclusively offer qPCR titer measurements for this grade, ensuring precise and reliable results.


Swift and Efficient Delivery as Fast as 7 Business Days

Experience a streamlined AAV packaging process that prioritizes timely delivery, enabling you to accelerate your research timelines without compromising on quality.

Non-Purified AAV offers a budget-friendly solution

Keep your budget in check with our HT Grade, designed to offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality of AAV packaging services.

Optimal Performance in Cell Culture Experiments

Tailored to meet the specific needs of cell culture experiments, our HT Grade AAV Packaging Service ensures optimal performance, allowing you to achieve reliable and reproducible results.
What We Offer
AAV Packaging Serotypes Guaranteed Yield (GC)* Lead Time (Business Days)
Normal-yield AAV Serotypes 2E11-2E13 7-14
Low-yield AAV Serotypes (AAV4, 6, etc.) 2E11-1E13 7-14
Quality Control
For High-Throughput (HT) grade, we offer a cost-effective and time-saving approach – qPCR for measuring AAV titer. Embrace efficiency without compromising on accuracy.
Side-by-side comparison of HT, research, and NHP grade AAV
PackGene AAV Packaging Service
HT Grade Research Grade NHP Grade
Application Cell culture Cell culture, small animal Small animal or non-human primates
Scale 2E+11 ~ 2E+13 GC 2E+12 ~ 8E+14 GC 1E+13 ~ 1E+16
Performance Comparison
HT Grade Research Grade NHP Grade
Titration qPCR, Titer meet requirements qPCR, Titer meet requirements dd PCR, Titer meet requirements
AAV purity analysis SDS-PAGE, Coomassie Blue Staining, Capsid band size meet reference SDS-PAGE, Silver Staining, Capsid band size meet reference, Capsid band size meet reference
Endotoxin Test LAL, <10EU/mL LAL, <1EU/ml (endotoxin removal may reach <0.2EU/ml)
Mycoplasma qPCR, Negative
Bioburden 48 hr, no growth
AAV Genome integrity Capillary Electrophoresis, report value
Empty Capsid TEM, guaranteed empty capsid rate <30% for common serotypes TEM, guaranteed empty capsid rate <20% for common serotypes
TEM images

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