About PackGene

PackGene Biotech, one of the well-known viral vector manufacturing and consultant servicing firms among the national high-tech industries, was founded and started up in Massachusetts, USA, and is currently headquartered in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has been concentrated on services and production of the rAAV based gene therapeutic CDMO, rAAV packaging, lentivirus packaging, vector cloning, etc. Our services aim to provide efficient, cost-effective, high-quality viral delivery solutions for basic research in gene and cell therapy, therapeutic development, as well as clinic trials at various scale levels. PackGene has been building up its reputation by quality products, timely delivery and prompt customer services.

PackGene is equipped with state-of-art facilities for developing and producing viral vectors at various scales to meet particular needs. It has accumulated its core intellectual properties in manufacturing rAAV vectors with high purity, high titer value, and high efficiency. Based on a team with rich experience in vector construction, AAV packaging, as well as clinical grade plasmid vector and AAV production, we are confident in providing products that meet the standards of FDA, ICH and NMPA. In the past years, we have been establishing long-term collaborations with some leading gene therapeutic developers and research institutions such as Biogen, AstraZeneca, CRISPR Therapeutics, LuyePharma, PTC Therapeutics, Harvard Medical School, Tsinghua University, Peking University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore (A*STAR).
PackGene aims to Make Gene Therapy Accessible. Starting from facing the challenges in rAAV serotype selection, viral vector packaging and GMS mass-production, to the stable, quality and cost-efficient products and technical supports, PackGene’s goals are to play a key role in developing gene and cell therapeutics, clinical trials, and ultimately routine clinical applications.