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AAV Analytical Services

PackGene has established multiple advanced AAV analytical testing platforms. We have done extensive quality investigations in AAV packaging services from raw materials, harvest fluid, stock solution, to final products. If you want to study more specifications of AAV for your research, such as toxicity test, genomic titer (by qPCR or ddPCR), endotoxin or mycoplasma, TEM, etc. PackGene can support you to achieve your goals with the advanced AAV analytical testing platforms. Since  each customer might have different assay requirements, our virologists and QC engineers promise to deliver a robust analytical testing process development for your AAVs.

Interested in our AAV services? Please contact us for a free consultation or  submit a request for a quotation.

AAV Analytical Services
Services List Price(USD) Lead time(BDs)
TEM $299 2-3 BDs
ddPCR $199 3-10 BDs
Endotoxin removal Inquiry 2-3 BDs
Mycoplasma detection $299 2-3 BDs
Endotoxin assay For free 2-3 BDs
Sterility test $399 2 weeks
Identity GOI sequencing $199 2-3 BDs
Residual plasmid testing $199 2-3 BDs
AUC analysis $3000 5-7 BDs
Capsid titer assay $976 5-7 BDs
TCID50 assay $2000 2-3 weeks
Silver staining $50 2-3 BDs

*If you have more assay requests, please fill out quote form. The lead time above is counted when the samples’ arrival. The assay report will be sent out by E-mail.