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About PackGene Biotech INC

PackGene is a world-leading adeno-associated virus (AAV) viral vector CRO and CDMO company, providing economical, reliable, and scalable plasmid DNA and AAV viral vector production for early-stage drug discovery, preclinical development and clinical trials for Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT).  The proprietary π-Alpha293 AAV High-yield Platform uses uniquely designed RC plasmid in the triple-plasmid transfection system to increase AAV production by 3 to 8 times in various AAV serotypes. With combining both in-process upstream and downstream QbD optimizations, the total AAV yield can be increased up to 10 times. The single batch of AAV production delivers up to 1E+17vg virus particles which can meet the needs of most clinical-level and commercial levels of AAV production.

Investor Relations

PackGene is a well-known viral vector manufacturing and servicing firm among the national high-tech industries. It was founded and started up in Massachusetts, USA and is currently headquartered in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has been concentrated on services and production of the rAAV based gene therapeutic CDMO, rAAV packaging, lentivirus packaging, vector cloning etc. The company has been attracted collaborations globally and financial supports from various investors, some of them even offered funds at multiple times.


Mission and Values

PackGene aims to Make Gene Therapy Affordable. Starting from the challenges in rAAV serotype selection, viral vector packaging and GMP production, to the stable, qualified and cost-efficient fast services and technical supports, PackGene’s goal is helping gene therapy and to make a better world. …

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