PackGene cGMP rAAV Processing and Manufacturing

Competitive rAAV productivity, lead time and quality assurance

PackGene Aims to Make Gene Therapy Affordable for People in Need

AAV-based CDMO services and technologies

We Make rAAV in Fast, Economic, and Effective ways

From bateria & cell banking, plasmids to multiple rAAVs

AAV-based Analytical Methods Development and Validation

Speed-up early discovery to INDs and to clinical phases for gene therapy

AAV cGMP Manufacturing

Based on PackGene’s advantages in AAV process and manufacturing from upstream to the downstream technologies, we provide small-scale to pilot-scale GMP-compliant AAV production, process and QC transfer, IND pharmacological documentation, GMP line setting-up consultant, etc. PackGene ensures AAV manufacturing  is fully compliant with cGMP requirements, regulations or standards for IIT and IND applications.

AAV Assay & QC Services

Quality control (QC) is so critical for gene therapy CDMO that makes the maintaining of a robust and reliable QC system …

Vector Design & Cloning Services

PackGene provides customized vector cloning for CRISPR gene editing. The knockout & repair of AAV-CRISPR vectors…

AAV Services

Our AAV packaging service provides many AAV serotypes according to your requests to meet the various experimental needs…

cGMP Process Development

The establishment of cost-effective, robust, and optimized manufacturing process is critical for GMP AAV Fast Services…

Fast Services


High purity titer, low endotoxin, Low empty shell and more.
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Obtain the AAV-hACE2 animal model, simple time-saving operation.
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based on rAAV vectors, directly, conveniently and efficiently.
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Gene Editing-rAAV

Cas9 & Cpf1 vectors with AAV conveniently & efficiently.
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AAV-Cre spot knocks out Gene-floxed mice flexibly & efficiently.
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GCaMP with AAV vectors is a powerful calcium ion indicator.
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About Us

PackGene Biotech, one of the well-known service provider for gene therapy CDMO, AAV packgene and cloning service among biopharma industry, is concentrated on services and production of the AAV based gene therapeutic CDMO, packaging, vector cloning and wide range of AAV tools…

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