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AAV-based Quality Research, Development and Validation

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AAV PD & cGMP Manufacturing

If you are planning an IND for AAV gene therapy, launching an IIT project, or conducting I-III clinical trials, it is critical to obtain high-quality, efficient and compliant cGMP-grade adeno-associated virus vector (AAV). We provide cGMP rAAV manufacture in multiple scales  from 1E+12vg to 1E+17 vg/batch with cGMP bacterial banking, cell banking, AAV process development, AAV quality methodology research, toxicological or pharmacodynamic AAV production, QC inspection, CTD documentation services.

AAV Packaging Services

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For early gene therapy development, we usually need rAAV with high titer, high infection and high yield, which is the key to the success….

Vector Design & Cloning Services

PackGene provides customized vector cloning for CRISPR gene editing. The knockout & repair of AAV-CRISPR vectors…

AAV Analytical & QC Services

PackGene has developed a comprehensive solution for AAV quality study, analytical methodologies & QC inspections…

AAV Process Development

The establishment of cost-effective, robust, and optimized manufacturing process is critical for GMP AAV Fast Services…

Fast AAV Services


High purity titer, low endotoxin, Low empty shell and more.
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Obtain the AAV-hACE2 animal model, simple time-saving operation.
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based on rAAV vectors, directly, conveniently and efficiently.
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Gene Editing-rAAV

Cas9 & Cpf1 vectors with AAV conveniently & efficiently.
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AAV-Cre spot knocks out Gene-floxed mice flexibly & efficiently.
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GCaMP with AAV vectors is a powerful calcium ion indicator.
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PackGene Biotech, as an international AAV packaging supplier (one of the largest in the world), started up in Massachusetts. PackGene focuses on services of the rAAV-based gene therapy CDMO-from plasmid to rAAV in clinical-grade, rAAV packaging in research-grade, lentivirus packaging, vector cloning, etc. Our services aim to provide efficient, cost-effective, high-quality viral delivery solutions for gene and cell therapy, as well as clinical trials at various scale levels.

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