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π-Omega™ Plasmid DNA High-yield Production Platform
π-Omega Plasmid DNA High-yield Production Platform
π-Alpha™ 293 AAV High-yield Production Platform
π-Alpha 293 AAV High-yield Production Platform
π-Icosa™ AAV Serotype Screening Platform

π-Icosa AAV Serotype Screening Platform

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Decibel, Principal Scientist

“A lot of our programs internally have been having great results with the AAV vectors you all have been packaging. PackGene is rapidly becoming our go-to for AAV vectors! ”

Biogen Scientist

“I  have spreaded  the word of my satisfaction with your AAV vectors to many people in  Biogen’s research labs and I hope we continue to be a regular customer in the future.”

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Cell & Gene Meeting on the MESA (ARM; Phoenix, AZ, Oct 7-9)

The 2024 Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa is the premier annual conference for industry leaders, focused on innovative research and overcoming commercial challenges in cell and gene therapy. The event features expert panels, networking opportunities, and over 100...

Socienty for Neuroscience (Chicago, IL, Oct 5-9)

Annually, scientists from across the globe gather to explore new concepts, present their research, and experience the pinnacle of their field. By attending, you can present your own research, network with fellow scientists, participate in sessions and events, and...

CASSS-CGTP ( Rockville, MD, Jun 11-13)

The Cell and Gene Therapy Products (CGTP) Symposium focuses on Manufacturing, Quality, and Regulatory Considerations, fostering an exchange of scientific ideas and interactions with regulators that shape evolving regulatory frameworks for these innovative products....

BIO International (San Diego, Jun 3-6, 2024)

Whether you're involved in pharmaceuticals, biotech, academia, non-profits, or government, or working as a researcher, business developer, or investor, BIO is the place to establish valuable connections. The Premier Access package includes our BIO One-on-One...

ASGCT (Maryland, May 7-11, 2024)

Abstract:Welcome to ASGCT 2024, the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy's flagship conference. Esteemed researchers, clinicians, and industry leaders converge at this influential event to navigate the forefront of gene and cell therapy. In the vibrant atmosphere...

American Academy of Neurology (Colorado, Apri 13-18, 2024)

Abstract:The American Academy of Neurology Conference 2024 in Denver, a pivotal gathering for the brightest minds in neurology. This esteemed event brings together experts, researchers, clinicians, and innovators from around the globe to explore the forefront of...

Advanced Therapies Congress (London, Mar 19-20, 2024)

Abstract:The Advanced Therapies Congress convenes leaders in cell and gene therapy development across diverse sectors: pharma, biotech, startups, researchers, clinicians, academics, HTAs, payers, and regulators. In 2024, our new Gene Editing Track highlights CRISPR...


Herpes cure with gene editing makes progress in laboratory studies

Herpes simplex virus. Credit: CDCResearchers at Fred Hutch Cancer Center have found in pre-clinical studies that an experimental gene therapy for genital and oral herpes removed 90% or more of the infection and suppressed how much virus can be released from an...

WestGene’s mRNA Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Receives FDA Approval

CHENGDU, China, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- WestGene, a biotech company dedicated to mRNA technology, announces a historic milestone with the FDA IND approval of its mRNA therapeutic cancer vaccine, WGc-043. This landmark achievement marks the world's first approval...

Novavax Enters Co-Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Sanofi

Novavax Inc., a global company advancing protein-based vaccines with its Matrix-M adjuvant, has entered into a co-exclusive licensing agreement with Sanofi. The terms of the agreement include: A co-exclusive license to co-commercialize Novavax's current stand-alone...

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