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A modified mRNA aids heart attack recovery in mouse and pig models

Jianyi "Jay" Zhang, M.D., Ph.D. Credit: UABSevere heart attacks often progress to end-stage heart failure because the dearth of heart muscle cells diminishes pumping power of the heart's left ventricle. The damaged heart, unable to repair itself, deteriorates and...

2seventy to Lay Off 40% of Workforce, CEO to Depart in Reorganization

Pictured: Illustration depicting large layoffs/iStock, Andrii Yalanskyi 2seventy bio on Tuesday kicked off a sweeping strategic restructuring initiative aimed at streamlining its business operations and R&D model—including advancing fewer pipeline programs—to generate...

New Gene Therapy Drug for Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Released in Japan

In a significant development for patients with inherited retinal dystrophy, the gene therapy drug “Luxturna” by Novartis Pharma has been released in Japan. While the drug comes with a high price tag of approximately 100 million yen for both eyes, its potential to...

Engineers design more powerful RNA vaccines

High-throughput synthesis and screening of biodegradable cyclic ionizable lipids synthesized by Ugi-3CR. a, General reaction scheme of Ugi-3CR (top); structures of the three components of the ionizable lipids (cyclic amine head group, isocyanide/isocyano acetate...

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