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AAV packaging (research-grade)

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a single-stranded DNA virus. The current scientific consensus is that it does not cause any human diseases. As one of the most important vectors for animal and cell experiments, recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) can carry target gene fragments. The virus coding genome in the capsid proteins is completely deleted and replaced by therapeutic gene editing tools. The tissue tropism of different serotypes of rAAV, enable scientists to achieve highly flexible and specific AAV vectors design, showing a great prospect in basic scientific research or clinical-level animal and cell experiments. The US FDA has approved a number of gene therapies delivered by rAAV, and rAAV vectors have become ideal delivery tools and carriers for the treatment of thousands of human diseases.

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AAV Packaging from PackGene

PackGene AAV packaging service provides many AAV serotypes according to customer’s requests to meet the various experimental needs. We produce rAAV through the classic Triple-plasmids-transfection method, which was proven to be the most efficient and flexible, and thus is mostly used method.

PackGene AAV Superiority

  • Optimized rAAV production process, multiple independent intellectual property rights.
  • We guarantee that 95% order be done within 12-15 business days due to the COVID situation.
  • Multiple serotypes customization with a variety of purity and titer rAAV available.
  • Reliable quality control system and rigorous standards.
  • High titer, high purity, high infection efficiency with low empty/full ratio.

Speed: PackGene’s proprietary technology on rAAV packaging which are the major reasons for our high quality and processing speed. We are committed to deliver requested amount of AAVs in the highest quality within 12-15 business days due to the COVID situation.

Quality:The absolute AAV genome copies is quantified via SYBR qPCR with ATCC Ref AAV for titer calibration, and the purity is determined by Coomassie-Blue staining. We deliver Guaranteed quantity of AAV, and in most case more than that, since we produce excessive scale in most case to keep the Guaranteed promise.

PackGene Reference Price for AAVs

AAV13b5789DJ, rh10, PHP.B, PHP.eB, PHP.S, 2-retroAAV8-Y447+Y733F (pancreas) 2E+12 GC $1,299 12-15 BDs
5E+12 GC $1,599
1E+13 GC $2,599
2E+13 GC $4,599
5E+13 GC $8,599
1E+14 GC $12,599
2E+14 GC $18,599 18-24 BDs
4E+14 GC $32,599
5E+14 GC $40,599
1E+15 GC $80,599
 AAV2466.2 2E+12 GC $1,599 12-15 BDs
5E+12 GC $2,599
1E+13 GC $4,599
2E+13 GC $7,599
5E+13 GC $12,599
1E+14 GC $18,599 18-24 BDs
2E+14 GC $32,599
4E+14 GC $50,599
Shipping Price Reference
Fedex Overnight Priority with Dry-ice is the default method for destination of U.S. and Canada. Fedex International Priority is the default method for oversea shipment. Please select the shipping destination below.
  US/Canda Oversea
Shipping Fee (Frozen w/Dry-Ice) $80 $350
*The indicated titers are guaranteed except when the insert exceeds the packaging capacity (4.7 kb) or if you choose to supply your own modified rep/cap plasmid or helper plasmid.

AAV In Vivo Delivery & Experiment Design

As an efficient carrier for delivering foreign genes, rAAV has been used by increasing number of researchers in animal research. However, there are still question such as how to choose injection site, how much rAAV vectors should be injected or how long to inspect the animal after injection. Because of the differences in research field and animal models, it is hard to carry universal applicable methods for AAV injection. Specific research experiments need to be explored. For target tissues with few records, it is recommended that researchers determine the most ideal serotype through pre-experimental tests, which will also be one of the heat innovations.

Pre-experimental design can be conducted as below:

1.Serotype Selection: If you are not sure which AAV serotype is most suitable for your study, you can try more than three different fluorescent AAV serotypes for a pre-infection experiment.

  1. Gradient Dilution Infection: Due to the length and expression differences of each gene, it is strongly recommended to conduct gradient test of 3-4 injection doses of AAV expressing the target gene before the formal experiment, and increase by 3 times in turn according to the minimum requirements (e.g., 1E+11GC, 3E+11GC, 9E+11GC in gradient dilutions).

3.Experimental Control: Set a GFP positive control with the same serum type and the same promoter.

4.Testing Time: Usually the expression can be detected 3~4 weeks after injection, and it is recommended to do it after 4 weeks or more.

AAV in vitro infection

  • For cells cultured in vitro, AAV-DJ and AAV6 are common choices. AAV-DJ can infect more than 80% of cells under conventional culture, and AAV6 has the strongest ability to infect blood-derived cells.
  • It is strongly recommended that the gradient infection test (at least 3-4 gradient dilutions, such as MOI=1×10^3,MOI=1×10^4,MOI=1×10^5, and MOI=1×10^6) should be performed for the first use of AAVs and no cytotoxicity is a basic requirement for this kind of experiments.
  • Testing Time: Usually 2-7 days after infection.

Efficient and informative

  • Guaranteed shipping within 12-15 business days due to the COVID situation for AAV-packaging from day receiving plasmid or order, 5% refunded as credit if delayed.
  • Email-notification (Upon your allowance) for key steps of your rAAV packaging.
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