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Plasmid end products prepared through PackGene’s Plasmid Extraction service are viable for transfection application across the discovery and preclinical research phases.

The quality of plasmid will have a direct impact on the experimental outcome of downstream applications. With years of experience and process optimization PackGene has developed a robust protocol for plasmid preparation services accommodating to both small research labs to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Choose from our high-quality plasmid from 100g to 1000mg and up, with high homogeneity and ultra-low endotoxin level (<10EU/mg).

GMP Manufacturing 2


Bulk extraction volumes from 10ug to 1000mg
Endotoxin less than 100 EU/mg
Broad applicability, including cellular assays, viral dissemination, CAR-T and other vector production projects


Plasmid Grade
Scale Timeline (business days)
100ug 3~5
200ug 3~5
500ug 3~5
1mg 5~7
2mg 5~7
10mg 8~10
20mg 8~10
50mg 8~10
100mg Please Quote
200mg Please Quote
500mg Please Quote
1000mg Please Quote
Plasmid QC
plasmid QC
Standard Analytical Method
Homogeneity ≥80% Supercoiled Densitometry upon agarose gel electrophoresis
Appearance Clear, no visible particles Visual Inspection
A260/280 1.80~2.00 Nanodrop UV absorption
Restriction Analysis Conforms to reference Enzyme digestion and electrophoresis

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