Plasmid Preparation


Unlock the potential of plasmid DNA across multiple therapeutic approaches, from gene and cell therapies, viral vector production, and immunotherapeutics to mRNA/DNA vaccines and nucleic acid drugs. PackGene provides plasmid preparation services that are ideal for any phase of the drug development cycle including basic discovery research through commercialization at any scale.

Explore PackGene’s Versatile Services:

Flexible Sizing

We offer production sizes from 100µg to 2g for preclinical grades of plasmid and up to 100g for GMP plasmid production.

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Our extensive quality control ensures precise construction of plasmid DNA.


Our process optimization results in industry-leading production times with rapid delivery.

Wide Compatibility

We offer plasmid production grades that are ideal for all drug development stages, from discovery research to commercialization at any scale. Choose from two plasmid grades for discovery and preclinical work. For clinical stage work, please see GMP plasmid manufacturing

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Tailored QC Tests

Our range of quality control tests for endotoxin levels, supercoil content, residual contaminants, and sequence fidelity can be customized for your workflow.


Support for Various Projects

Our plasmids help enable cell transfection, protein expression, AAV packaging, mRNA production, viral vector production, vaccine development, antibody production, and other preclinical processes.

Grades and Applications
Research Grade Preclinical Grade
Application Molecular cloning, protein expression, transfection, viral packaging for research Large scale viral packaging, animal studies
Scale 100µg-100mg 10mg-2g
Timeline as fast as 3 days as fast as 2-3 weeks
QC standards
Appearance Clear, colorless, no visible particulates
A260:280 1.8 – 2.0
Homogeneity Predominantly supercoiled >90±10% supercoil
Restriction Analysis Conforming to reference pattern
Residual RNA N/A Undetected by SYBRGold
Residual E. coli DNA N/A Quantitative PCR ≤1%
Endotoxin ≤100 EU/mg, optional LAL test* ≤10 EU/mg
Bioburden Testing Optional* No growth on agarose plate after 48 hours
Sequencing Optional* GOI
Antibiotics Free Production No Optional
Residual Host Protein <0.1% by HCP ELISA*
Animal Free Production* TSE/BSE*
Mycoplasma Contamination Quantitative PCR, Negative *
Material Archiving Yes (plasmid only) Yes (plasmid + bacteria) upon request *
pH Potentiometry 7.5~8.0, USP <791> *
Kan ELISA, <0.5ng/g *
Sterility USP <71>*
Osmolality  USP <785> *
Advanced Endotoxin Removal <0.005 EU/µg Available with additional charge
Dedicated purification resin Upon request*
Buffer ddH2O, TE or customer defined
Dispensing Upon request
Dedicated filtration membrane Sterile filtration*

*Tests marked need additional charges and time.

Synthesize new plasmids or re-prep previously synthesized ones.


Research Grade Plasmid

Fast, affordable, low-endotoxin plasmid DNA for viral vector engineering, high-throughput screening, or mRNA production among other applications.



Preclinical Grade Plasmid

Rigorous quality standards and analysis for your preclinical endeavors. Tailored for preclinical in vivo animal studies and suitable for a range of species from mice to non-human primates. Available in quantities starting from 10 mg.


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