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AAV-Gene expression Cloning

AAV-Gene Over Expression

PackGene provides customized AAV vector design and packaging services for gene overexpression.

PackeGene specializes in self-complimentary double-stranded AAV (dsAAV) vectors, which hold 6-10 fold greater transcription efficiency relative to traditional single-strand AAV vectors. All of our dsAAV vectors include an EGFP reporter and may also include one of several N-Terminal or C-Terminal protein tags including: EGFP, mCherry, 2A, Flag, HA, His, or Snap.

With PackGene’s end to end services you may simply provide a host species name as well as a gene name or sequence. PackGene will then design, clone, package, and deliver an AAV capable of driving overexpression of your protein of interest.

Interested in our AAV services? Please contact us for a free consultation or  submit a request for a quotation.