The influx of calcium ions serves as an important intracellular signal across tissues and cell types. Calcium influx is particularly important signal in neurons, and is believed to act as a sufficient indicator of neuronal cell firing. By using special fluorescent dyes or calcium ion indicators such as GCaMP we can determine real time changes in calcium ion concentration for the purposes of measuring neuronal activity. GCaMP expression is commonly driven by AAV vectors and functions as powerful and popular research tool.

PackGene provides a pre-made “off the shelf” AAV-GCaMP to drive expression of GCaMP. These AAVs can be used directly, conveniently, and efficiently for in vivo experiments, and come standard with a complete quality inspection report.

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Rapid and selective calcium concentration signal

Fluorescence intensity is proportional to calcium ion concentration.

Complete quality inspection report.

GCaMP-AAV can be applied across in vivo experiments directly, conveniently, and efficiently.

GCaMP can be targeted to specific cell subtypes through the careful selection of vector promoters and AAV serotypes.

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