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AAV One-stop Solution

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AAV is currently the most widely-used in vivo gene delivery vectors for its specific targeting and excellent safety compared with other vectors. PackGene provides one-stop solution services for AAV IND application from cell banking, process development, analytical development, AAV manufacturing, to stability test and filing document preparation. With our professional AAV teams and our technological superiority, your IND project could be delivered with first-class quality and speed.

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PackGene AAV One-stop Solution

PackGene offers triple transient transfection system (GOI, helper and Serotype plasmids). The AAV upstream productivity could reach 3-7 E11 vg/ml.

Advantages of Our AAV One-stop Solution

  • Productivity: Both Suspension and adherent culture process available. Four independent cGMP standard production line with maximum 500L production scale. Ensure the delivery of client’s product without cross-contamination. Overall productivity reaches 2000L.
  • Flexibility: Multiple scales and grades of production available, which make it possible to complete your project with high efficacy and reasonable price.
  • Professional: PackGene has a professional AAV production team with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Advanced equipment:  Single-use technology applied one both upstream & downstream. Fill & Finish under VHP isolator. ddPCR for titer measurements, Analytical ultra-centrifugation for e/f ratio measurements available.