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AAV-miRNA & Other Cloning

AAV-miRNA inhibition

PackGene provides customized miRNA suppression AAV vectors, which can be directly used to inhibit the function of miRNA and regulate the expression of miRNA in living animals. It is a commonly used method for gene research in living animals.

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Basic Information

MicroRNA (miRNA) is a kind of endogenous small non-coding RNA in eukaryotes, and the length is about 17-25bp. Researches on miRNA loss-of-function focus on screening miRNA target sites, screening miRNAs that regulate the expression of a gene, and screening miRNAs that affect growth as well as proliferation.


  • Direct, convenient and efficient for animal experiments.
  • Longer-acting effect and higher stability, compared with traditional synthesis inhibitors.
  • Able to target various organs and tissues via particular AAV serotypes.
  • AAV-miRNA shows higher safety and immunogenicity.
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