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AAV-miRNA & Other Cloning

AAV-miRNA inhibition

PackGene offers custom miRNA inhibitory AAV vectors that can be used directly to inhibit miRNA function and regulate miRNA expression in live animals. This is a common method for in vivo animal genetic studies.

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miRNA is an endogenous small non-coding RNA in eukaryotes with a length of about 17-25 bp. miRNA loss-of-function studies focus on screening for miRNA target sites, screening for miRNAs that regulate gene expression, and screening for miRNAs that affect growth and proliferation.

TOP Highlights:

  • Direct, convenient and efficient animal experiments
  • Longer duration of action and greater stability than traditional synthetic inhibitors
  • Ability to target various organs and tissues through specific AAV serotypes
  • AAV-miRNAs show increased safety and immunogenicity