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Control AAV

PackGene provides customers with stable and reliable fluorescent AAV control fast services and various serotypes to choose from, including single-stranded, double-stranded AAVs, with a titer of over 1E+13 GC/ml. Among them, double-stranded AAV vectors performs 6-15 times more efficient than single-stranded. Above fast services are widely used in animals or cell control experiments.

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Our Advantages

  • Reliable and stable fluorescent AAV controls
  • Single-strained AAV and double-strained AAV available
  • Tite more than 1E+13 GC/ml
  • Suitable for different animal or cell-based experiments
  • Double-strained AAV can express 6 to 15 folds faster

Fast Service Ordering

Single-stranded Fluorescent AAV

SKU Description Price Lead Time Quantity Action
ssAAV1-EA021-20 AAV1 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAV1-EA021-20 AAV2 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAV3b-EA021-20 AAV3b [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAV4-EA021-20 AAV4 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAV5-EA021-20 AAV5 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAV6-EA021-20 AAV6 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAV7-EA021-20 AAV7 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAV8-EA021-20 AAV8 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAV9-EA021-20 AAV9 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
ssAAVrh10-EA021-20 AAVrh10 [EA021 ssAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $249.00
Double-stranded Fluorescent AAV
SKU Description Price Lead Time Quantity Action
scAAV1-EC021-20 AAV1 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAV2-EC021-20 AAV2 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAV3b-EC021-20 AAV3b [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAV4-EC021-20 AAV4 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAV5-EC021-20 AAV5 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAV6-EC021-20 AAV6 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAV7-EC021-20 AAV7 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAV8-EC021-20 AAV8 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAV9-EC021-20 AAV9 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
scAAVrh10-EC021-20 AAVrh10 [EC021 scAAV.CAG.EGFP.WPRE.SV40pA],≥1E+13 GC/mL,20ul $349.00
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