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Plasmid Services

High quality plasmids are widely used across multiple therapeutic avenues including gene and cell therapies (GCT), mRNA/DNA Vaccines, and Nucleic acid drugs among others. PackGene provides plasmid manufacturing services across the drug life cycle from basic discovery research to commercialization for multiple treatments at any size.

PackGene has processes in place for end-to-end design, production, and manufacturing new plasmids, or for the manufacturing of existing plasmids. We also offer full process development support for plasmid-specific projects, which includes USP, DSP, and analytical services.

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Plasmid Production Service Scale Applicaton
Research-grade Plasmid 100ug-1g In vitro or preclinical studies
GMP-Source Plasmid >500mg or inquiry Preclinical or clinical phase I
GMP Plasmid >500mg or inquiry IND or clinical phase I-III 

Plasmid Services

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Plasmid Non-GMP Manufacturing

Plasmid GMP-like Manufacturing

Plasmid cGMP Manufacturing

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