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AAV-shRNA Cloning

AAV-shRNA Interference

PackGene provides AAV vectors for shRNA (short hairpin RNA) packaging, one of the most widely used methods in RNAi experiments. By transcribing small interfering RNA fragments via H1, U6 promoter and choosing various protein expression tags, we can inspect the AAV in vivo transfection.

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Basic information

RNA interference (RNAi) is a gene deletion research tool with high specificity. RNAi is a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)-mediated gene silencing phenomenon found by Andrew Fire and Craig Mello C. elegans in nematode. It exists among most eukaryotes. RNAi has been widely applied in gene function research, drug discovery and gene silencing therapy of various eukaryotes.
In recent years, a variety of clinical trials have shown that RNAi drugs targeting pathogenic genes have great potential for treating diseases which have plagued humans for decades. The use of AAV vectors to express the down-regulation of shRNA gene expression, compared with other methods, can control the target gene of living animals for a long-lasting time, and is also a commonly used method of living animal gene research. H1, U6 promoters are most commonly used to transcribe small interfering RNA fragments. Researchers believe that the H1 promoter shows less toxicity and the results of RNAi interference experiments are more reliable.
PackGene provides shRNA targeting gene sequences and the required vector library number. Besides, PackGene will carry out target design, map production and vector construction. If the target has not been verified, it is recommended to choose 2-3 candidate targets.

Distinctive Guarantee Policy

Under the premise that target cell transfection efficiency reaches 90% (70%-90%), for the coding gene, we guarantee that one of the three interference sequences should reach 70% or above in the mRNA level, while the protein level is not guaranteed. Under the above condition, if those three interference sequences have no effect at the mRNA level, PackGene will redesign two sequences for free after receiving the original data.
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