Traditional Knock-In animal models usually take at least 6 months to construct and are labor-intensive. Obtaining large-scale animal models in a shorter time and in a simpler manner has always been an industry challenge, especially when dealing with the challenges of emergent drug research, obtaining suitable animal models quickly will be the key to success or failure. Facing the challenges of the new crown epidemic, Paijin Biologicals has developed a simple method to construct animal models overexpressing hACE2 protein, and the obtained animal models show good tissue-specific distribution of hACE2, which is suitable for research experiments on the development of new crown-related drugs.

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PackGene applies the rAAV virus vector to infect specific mice organs to obtain the AAV-hACE2 animal model. The tissues in mice can continuously and stably express hACE2 protein, which is a simple and time-saving operation for new coronavirus-related drug development and research.

Comparison between AAV-hACE2 animal modeling and traditional animal modeling

AAV-hACE2 animal modeling
Traditional animal modeling

Production Cycle

Short cycle within 14 days
Over 6 months


Complicated steps


Specific distribution
Wide distribution

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