PackGene Services
for Your Research

Offer wide ranges of AAV services that can be used to
monitor AAV transduction

Fast Services

PackGene fast service catalogue includes HBV-AAV, hACE2-AAV, Gene Editing-AAV, GCamp-rAAV, optogenetics-AAV and so on. These fast services are premade or can be delivered within a week.

Need a custom AAV service?

Although many of our AAV Fast Services are immediately available, custom fast services can be made upon your request. If you do not see the AAV fast service you want, please contact us. Our experienced team will work with you through several steps of AAV process to design that best fit your needs.
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Have a GOI plasmid and you need to package in AAV?

If you already have a plasmid that you want packaged in AAV, please visit our AAV packaging page. You can also learn more about the advantages of using AAV for gene delivery or our AAV manufacturing process.
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Need clinical-grade AAV or GMP AAV?

We provide AAV manufacturing services ranging from small-scale AAV packaging for in vitro work, to large-scale AAV packaging for animal studies, to GMP-compliant AAV production for clinical applications. If you require clinical-grade AAV, please visit our cGMP AAV production page for detail.
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Any questions?

If you have any inquiry about our fast services or services, please leave a message here.