December 1, 2023, PackGene Biotech, a frontrunner in gene therapy delivery, has successfully closed a landmark C+ funding round, securing over 100 million RMB exclusively from SDIC Fund Management Co., Ltd. This funding, a remarkable accomplishment in the current economic landscape, marks the company’s second major influx of capital within the year, underscoring its robustness and pioneering status in the challenging field of gene therapy.


The funding event, held in Guangzhou and attended by key figures from Huangpu District, SDIC Fund representatives, and various stakeholders, represents a pivotal chapter in PackGene’s growth narrative. This investment is earmarked to significantly bolster PackGene’s strategic expansion on a global scale. With a focus on refining its gene therapy service platform, the company aims to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs for pharmaceutical entities, and accelerate the production and distribution of gene therapy drugs worldwide. The overarching vision is to render gene therapies more effective, safe, and accessible to a global audience.

Dr. Li Huapeng, the Founder and Chairman of PackGene, expressed sincere gratitude for the unwavering support from SDIC Fund, aligning with the company’s ninth-anniversary celebrations. These newly secured funds will be directed towards advancing innovative AAV vector and mRNA processing technologies, enhancing PackGene’s global influence, and providing vital support to pharmaceutical companies during critical clinical transformations.

Zhang Chao, CEO of PackGene, addressed the gathering, speaking about the immense potential and the sense of responsibility that the company shoulders in the burgeoning gene therapy industry. He reaffirmed PackGene’s commitment to continuous technological advancement and service excellence, aiming for sustained development of the highest quality.

The Life Science team at SDIC Fund highlighted the critical importance of AAV vectors in gene therapy and reaffirmed their support for PackGene’s ongoing initiatives, with a focus on developing therapies that can benefit a wider patient base.

In a parallel event, PackGene hosted the ‘International Perspective on Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Seminar,’ bringing together a diverse group of CGT experts, patent attorneys, government regulators, and investors. This seminar served as a vital forum for fostering in-depth discussions on the growth and collaborative efforts within the CGT industry, promoting both sectoral growth and international ties.

Moving forward, PackGene remains committed to its mission of democratizing gene therapy globally, aiming to be a long-term partner in the field and significantly contributing to the advancement of the global CGT industry.


About SDIC Fund:

SDIC Fund is a leading private equity investment management firm in China, specializing in the advanced manufacturing sector. The firm places a high value on technological innovation, outstanding entrepreneurs, and team dynamics. Its investment focus includes intelligent manufacturing, new energy smart vehicles, life sciences, information, and communication technologies, aiming to promote the green, digital, and service-oriented transformation of the manufacturing industry. The team manages assets totaling over 100 billion RMB, with investors ranging from financial institutions and social security funds to state-owned and private capital.


About PackGene:

PackGene Biotech is a specialized CRO & CDMO company focused on packaging recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus (rAAV) vectors. Established in 2014, it provides comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective, and scalable CMC solutions for the early-stage development, clinical trials, and regulatory approval of rAAV vector drugs in the cell and gene therapy sector. As a leader in AAV vector CRO services, PackGene has served clients in over 20 countries, including top multinational pharmaceutical firms and research institutions. The company leverages advanced technology platforms like the π-Alpha293 and π-Omega for high-yield AAV and plasmid production, ensuring GMP-compliant services.

With a mission to make gene therapy accessible to the masses, PackGene is dedicated to fast-tracking the launch of innovative gene drugs, aspiring to be a key global player in gene therapy research and production. The company emphasizes innovative technology and cutting-edge vector production to establish its international presence in the gene therapy CRO and CTDMO fields.

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