Singleron Biotechnologies, a leader in single cell multi-omic solutions for precision medicine, announced two new commercial product launches : AccuraSCOPE® Single Cell Transcriptome and Genome Library Kit and the AccuraSCOPE® Single Cell Full-Length Transcriptome Library Kit.

AccuraSCOPE Single Cell Transcriptome and Genome Library Kit opens new possibilities for single cell multi-omic analysis by profiling the entire genome and transcriptome simultaneously. In addition to single cell RNA sequencing, this method enables deep single cell genome sequencing, amplifying ultra-low quantities of DNA from individual cells. This facilitates the comprehensive detection of single nucleotide variants and chromosomal aberrations at single cell level. Using proprietary bead-based technology, it captures both genomic DNA and mRNA from each cell and converts them to high-quality sequencing libraries. The integrated analysis of a cell’s transcriptome and genome provides a comprehensive understanding of cellular heterogeneity in normal development and disease. The kit’s multiplex design and streamlined workflow allow for single-cell mRNA and DNA library preparation from up to 384 single cells in parallel in a single day, significantly reducing time and costs.

Another new product in the AccuraSCOPE portfolio, AccuraSCOPE Single Cell Full-Length Transcriptome Library Kit, adds full-length, comprehensive, and rapid RNA sequencing library preparation to the toolkit. It enables the detection of alternative splicing at the single cell level, substantially reducing hands-on time compared to existing full-length single cell RNAseq methods.

The latest innovations were developed to particularly aid clinical researchers in oncology, gene, and cell therapy, as well as immunology and reproductive biology. Accurate detection of genomic and transcriptomic changes can unveil the relationship between genomic dynamics and gene expression profiles as well as uncover the functional impact of point mutations and copy number variations.

To meet customers’ data analysis needs when using the new AccuraSCOPE products, Singleron has developed two bioinformatic analysis pipelines. The RNA sequencing data analysis pipeline covers the analysis workflow from FASTQ files to count matrix, while the DNA data analysis pipeline starts with FASTQ files and includes variance calling and variant annotation.

Both kits are compatible with well-based automation workstation, flow cytometry cell sorting, or micropipette aspiration. 


About Singleron:

Singleron biotechnologies advances precision medicine and human health through pioneering single cell multi-omics solutions. Its current product portfolio includes high throughput instruments for automated single cell processing and tissue dissociation, reagents, bioinformatics software, and a comprehensive single cell knowledgebase.

Founded in 2018, Singleron operates globally with offices, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Singapore, China, and the US. Its products are used in over 3000 laboratories in hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies in more than 20 countries.

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