Endless RNA
Endless RNA (by Laronde), a synthetic circular translatable RNA designed for precise programmable protein expression, holds vast therapeutic potential by creating a novel class of medicines with targeted applications, and its deployment is poised to offer breakthroughs in medical treatments by delivering therapeutic payloads directly to cells and tissues.

Cambridge, Mass., October 19, 2023 – In a pioneering move, Flagship Pioneering announces the fusion of Laronde and Senda Biosciences, birthing Sail Biomedicines—a trailblazing force in the evolution of fully programmable medicines poised to redefine patient care. Dr. Guillaume Pfefer, Ph.D., and MBA, the current CEO-Partner at Flagship Pioneering, will spearhead Sail as its CEO and board member, with Dr. John Mendlein, Executive Partner at Flagship Pioneering, assuming the role of Executive Chairman.

Sail Biomedicines leverages over eight years of collaborative data and platform development from Laronde and Senda Biosciences. Senda’s platform, utilizing a universal chemical code within natural nanoparticles, allows precise deployment of payloads, like translatable RNA, to designated cells.

Simultaneously, Laronde’s groundbreaking Endless RNA (eRNA), a synthetic RNA class, presents substantial therapeutic potential.

Dr. Mendlein underscores the potential of Endless RNA to inaugurate a new era of programmable medicines, deliverable to cells and tissues through unique deployment molecules. He envisions leveraging proprietary generative AI technologies and rapid prototyping as pivotal for achieving breakthroughs beyond current human comprehension.

Dr. Pfefer highlights Sail’s deployment platform, utilizing natural nanoparticles to transport biomolecules into human cells with unique tropism, potency, and redosability. His vision is to expedite the development of new product candidates, form strategic partnerships, and unlock diverse value pools for the swift delivery of transformative vaccines and therapies.

Noubar Afeyan, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Flagship Pioneering, expresses confidence in Sail Biomedicines, stating, “I am confident the combined leadership team and board will carry forward this company to realize its bold ambitions and ultimately deliver maximum impact for patients.”

The Sail Biomedicines Board of Directors, including Drs. Mendlein and Pfeffer, comprises individuals from the Laronde and Senda Biosciences boards, alongside experts from Incyte, ADC Therapeutics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Flagship Pioneering.


About Sail Biomedicines

Sail Biomedicines pioneers the integrative design and deployment of fully programmable medicines, combining programmable circular RNA technology (Endless RNA™ or eRNA) with an industry-leading platform of programmable nanoparticles.

About Flagship Pioneering

Flagship Pioneering is a biotechnology company inventing and building platform companies, each harboring the potential for transformative products in human health or sustainability. Since 2000, Flagship has shepherded over 100 ventures, resulting in over $90 billion in aggregate value, with a current ecosystem comprising 43 companies.

Source: https://www.flagshippioneering.com/press/flagship-pioneering-announces-the-merger-of-two-leading-programmable-medicine-platforms-to-form-sail-biomedicines
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