AAV has a packaging capacity of ~4.7Kb. Since the two ITRs of AAV are about 0.2-0.3Kb total, the foreign DNA that can be introduced between these 2 ITRs should be smaller than 4.4Kb, which is much smaller than that of recombinant adenoviruses (7.5Kb)


PackGene provides superior quality AAV packaging services to support your AAV-based programs. We have developed a series of proprietary technologies that greatly improve AAV production outcomes including titer, purity, potency, and consistency.

We offer multiple serotypes to meet your research needs, and strive to achieve rapid turnaround and affordable prices while maintaining the highest quality. We are committed to delivering AAVs at guaranteed quantities and within the quoted project lead time. In a case where our quantity and efficiency guarantee is not met, we will refund 5% of the total order cost as an account credit that may be applied to your next order.

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