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How to Select AAVs

Step 1: Determine what specific AAV serotype you need.

There are more than 100 AAV serotypes and variants have been discovered or created. We provide the mostly applied AAV serotypes for packaging. Each serotype presents its unique tissue-tropism profile. Until now, AAV9, AAVrh10 and newly emerging AAVPHP.B are ideal for systemically delivery or crossing Blood-Brain-Barrier into the brain (basically mouse, AAVPHP.B is not yet examined in Non-Human Primates); AAV DJ is the best choice for in vitro experiment for its broad and high infectiousness in most cell lines. Check Table 1 and Table 2 below as references for your experiment design (the red mark means highly recommended, but majorly depends on your experiment design), or you can contact us for technical support.

Table1. AAV for in vivo experiment

Table 2. Relative in vitro infectivity *

Note: Infectivity rates normalized to AAV-2 = 100. ND = Not Determined
*Reference: Grimm, D. et al. (2008). J. Virol. 82: 5887-5911
Step 2: Choose the vector fitting your experiments.

We have created a portfolio of Entry vectors that need only one-step cloning for your experiments: CRISPR-Knock-out, CRISPR-Activation, Gene-Overexpression and shRNA Knock-Down system.

  • CRISPR-spCas9/saCas9/NmCas9/Cpf1
  • CRISPR-Activation system
  • Gene-Over expression system
  • shRNA Knock-Down system
  • miRNA-shRNA and other

Table 3. Gene Over-expression