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Terms and conditions

  • Promotion covers AAV packaging-research grade, On-shelf mRNA-research grade, Custom mRNA- research grade.
  • The promotion starts from Sep 12, 2023 and expires Oct31, 2023.
  • The promotion can be applied to North America and Asian Pacific.
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  • During the promotion period, all new customers enjoy 15% off AAV Packaging with no order limits.
  • Promotion cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions for offline orders only.
  • PackGene reserves the right of final explanation for details for this promotion. Please contact our customer service team (info@packgene.com) if you have further questions.
AAV Packaging Service Advantages
Fast Turnaround 12-15 business days for AAV 5E+13GC
Guaranteed Titer ≥1E+13GC/mL (qPCR genome copies/ml)
High Purity ≥95%
High Yield up to 1E+16 GC
Low Endotoxin <10EU/ml, suitable for in vivo experiments
Low Empty Shell <30% guaranteed for common serotypes
Multiple Serotypes 80+ different serotype options available
Extensive Experience Successfully delivered over 10,000 custom AAV projects
Experienced Technical Support PhD-level team with years of AAV experience
Case Study

Case 1

Products: AAV-DJ from PackGene Biotech
Titer: 1×10^13vg/ml
Journal: Cell, 2022 (IF=66.85)
Paper Title: Discovery of deaminase functions by structurebased protein clustering
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2023.05.041

This study profiled a deaminase from this clade that edits robustly in soybean plants, which previously was inaccessible to CBEs. These discovered deaminases, based on AI-assisted structural predictions, greatly expand the utility of base editors for therapeutic and agricultural applications.

Case 2

Products: AAV9 from PackGene Biotech Injection Method: Intratracheal Injection
Recommended Dose: 1×10^10vg/ml Targeting Site: Lung
Animal Model: C57BL/6 BMP4+/+ and BMP4+/−mice Journal: European respiratory journal, 2022 (IF=33.795)
Paper Title: Bone morphogenetic protein 4 inhibits pulmonary fibrosis by modulating cellular senescence and mitophagy in lung fibroblasts
DOI: 10.1183/13993003.02307-2021
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PackGene Referral Program

Through the PackGene referral program, both of you will receive 15% discount on AAV packaging services!

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