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Engineered mRNAs pre-stocked for efficient tracking in cells or in vivo

Fully processed mRNAs, capped and polyadenylated for immediate translation

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Rapid delivery of LNP sampler kits and custom mRNA options, ready as fast as 1-3 days


PackGene Poster Presentation at ASGCT

Poster Number Poster Session Poster Title Date View Poster Learn More
1055 A6 – AAV Vectors-Product Development Manufacturing and Approval Considerations Establishment of a Scale-Down Model for Robust and Cost-Effective Adeno-Associated Virus Process and Analytical Development and Characterization 12pm – 7pm, 5/9, Thurs PDF More
743 E1 – Nonviral Therapeutic Gene Delivery and Synthetic/Molecular Conjugates Early-Stage Considerations for mRNA Drug Development: Addressing Production Technologies, Stability, and Safety 12pm – 7pm, 5/8, Wed PDF More
1441 A2 – AAV Vectors -Virology and Vectorology Development of a Single Clonal Suspension Cell Line PCS3.0 for High Yield AAV Production 12pm – 7pm, 5/10, Fri PDF More
1442 A3 – AAV Vectors-Capsid Engineering Rationally Designed Chimeric AAV Capsids Demonstrate Enhanced Muscle Transduction and Reduced Liver Tropism in Both Rodents and Non-Human Primates 12pm – 7pm, 5/10, Fri PDF More
1867 I2 – Cell Therapy Product Engineering, Development and Manufacturing A Fast Extraction-Free Direct qPCR Method for Quantification of Residual Host Cell DNA in Viral Vector Products 12pm – 7pm, 5/10, Fri PDF More
1504 A6 – AAV Vectors-Product Development Manufacturing and Approval Considerations Novel Dual-Plasmid System: Next-Generation AAV Production Strategy with High Productivity and High Quality 12pm – 7pm, 5/10, Fri PDF More
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download_ASGCT2024 poster 1 ls_Dual plasmid system
download_ASGCT2024 poster 2 ls_Development Cell line PCS3
download_ASGCT2024 poster 3 ls_mRNA
download_ASGCT2024 Poster 4 ls_Capsid engineering
download_ASGCT2024 poster 5 ls AccuBox-qPCR detection of hcDNA
download_ASGCT2024 Poster 6 ScaleDownModel