Remedium Bio today announced the publication of pre-clinical data demonstrating the safety and chondrogenic activity of RMD1101, its innovative gene therapy for Osteoarthritis. These data are the first to be published from Remedium’s ongoing research collaboration with Tufts University studying the approach. The paper, entitled “Adeno-Associated Virus-Delivered Fibroblast Growth Factor 18 Gene Therapy Promotes Cartilage Anabolism” will be published in Volume 14, Issue 1 of the journal Cartilage.

Key Points
  • AAV2-FGF18 appears to have a wide therapeutic safety window and is able to induce chondrogenesis at very low, locally administered doses
  • The FGF18 gene therapy appears to induce chondrogenesis by increasing hyaline cartilage associated gene expression and promoting chondrocyte proliferation
  • RMD1101 appears safe and effective at promoting cartilage anabolism in vivo, following a single intra articular injection

“Having these results published in Cartilage provides important external validation of their significance” said Frank Luppino, President and CEO of Remedium. “Our findings confirm the chondrogenic mechanism after a single injection of RMD1101 and provide preliminary confirmation for the potential of the gene therapy approach to treating Osteoarthritis.”

RMD1101 is the only disease modifying gene therapy treatment for Osteoarthritis based on the clinically validated chondrogenic mechanism of FGF18. It is being studied as a single injection treatment for OA in both the human and companion animal markets.

“Our results show the promise of treating Osteoarthritis by harnessing the endogenous regenerative power of articular cartilage with a single intra-articular injection FGF18 gene therapy,” said Dr. Li Zeng, PhD, Associate Professor of Immunology at Tufts University School of Medicine. Dr. Zeng is a co-author of the publication and an expert in Osteoarthritis and the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the disease.

Cartilage is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which publishes articles with a focus on recent discoveries related to the musculoskeletal system and cartilage repair, development, and regeneration. The Sage Publishing group, MEDLINE indexed journal publishes full length original manuscripts covering preclinical and clinical research, and is considered among the top journals in the field of cartilage regeneration.

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