Neurosci Lett. 2019 May 9
Hans E. Anderson, Kristin L. Schaller, John H. Caldwell, and Richard F. Weir
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Research Field: CNS

Keywords: Adenoassociated viral vector, motor neuron, peripheral nerve, green fluorescent protein, intravascular injection, mouse

AAV Serotype: AAVPHP.B

Dose: Eleven-week-old, female C57BL/6J mice (Jackson Laboratory; Bar Harbor, ME) were injected into the tail vein with 2×10^11 viral genomes (vg) of viral vector in normal saline. An additional set of animals was injected with saline only (sham group). Five mice were used for each serotype-promoter combination.

Routes of Administration: tail vein injection

Targeted organ: Peripheral Nerve Axons

Animal or cell line strain: Eleven-week-old, female C57BL/6J mice (Jackson Laboratory; Bar Harbor, ME)


Adenoassociated viral vectors provide a safe and robust method for expression of transgenes in nondividing cells such as neurons. Intravenous injections of these vectors provide a means of transducing motoneurons of peripheral nerves. Previous research has demonstrated that serotypes 1, rh10 and PHP.B can transduce motor neuron cell bodies in the spinal cord, but has not quantified expression in the peripheral nerve axon. Axonal labeling is crucial for optogenetic stimulation and detection of action potentials in peripheral nerve. Therefore, in this study, serotypes 1, PHP.B, and rh10 were tested for their ability to label axons of the murine sciatic and tibial nerve following intravenous injection. Serotype rh10 elicits expression in 10% of acetylcholine transferase positive axons of the sciatic nerve in immuno histochemically-stained sections. Serotype rh10 transduces a variety of axon diameters from <1–12 microns, while PHP.B transduces larger axons of diameter (4–16 microns). Expression was not seen with serotype 1. These results show the potential of serotypes PHP.B and rh10 delivery of transgenic products to axons of the peripheral nerve.

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