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AAV cGMP Services

PackGene has the professional team to provide you the services for your AAV gene therapy from DNA to IND and clinical phases, including GMP banking, process development, GMP-compliant AAV as well as GMP production line setting-up, processing and assay transfer, IND pharmacological documentation, etc.
We know that there is no single service strategy that works best for all GMP AAV projects, so we offer the flexibility of technologies and the expert knowledge to help you with the process that best meets your diverse needs.

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AAV cGMP Services

GMP Bacteria Banking

GMP Cell Banking

cGMP Process Development

AAV cGMP Manufacturing

Plasmid cGMP Manufacturing

Aseptic Fill & Finish

cGMP AAV Assay & QC Services

Note: PackGene’s FDA and EMA compliant AAV GMP manufacturing facility (~8000 square meter) is expected to begin production in 2021. For more information, please contact us: bd@packgene.com

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