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Cre/loxP recombinase system refers to the technical core of conditional gene targeting, inducible gene targeting, and spatio-temporal specific gene targeting strategies. Cre recombinase can recognize LoxP sequences and recombine them, thus it is widely used in new gene targeting. Found by Sternberg and Hamilton, Cre is an important tool used in mouse genetic engineering. The AAV-Cre provided by PackGene can knock out Gene-floxed mice flexibly and efficiently, eliminate the need of Cre mice maintenance and hybridization with Genefloxed mice.

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Cre recombinase was discovered from P1 phage in 1981. It belongs to the λ Int enzyme supergene family. The Cre recombinase gene coding region has a total length of 1029bp (EMBL database accession number X03453), which encodes a 38kDa monomer protein composing 343 amino acids. It not only shows catalytic activity, but also recognize specific DNA sequences, namely loxP sites, as it is similar to restriction enzymes. In this way, the gene sequences between loxP sites are deleted or recombined.

The inverted repeat structure is as follow:

PackGene provides AAV-Cre spot fast services that can knock out Gene-floxed mice flexibly and efficiently, eliminating the need for Cre mouse maintenance and hybridization with Genefloxed mice. Each spot fast service is provided with a complete quality inspection report.


  • 70% recombination efficiency
  • Act on various DNA structures such as linear, circular and supercoiled without cofactors.
  • Mediate specific recombination between two LoxP sites, deleting the gene sequence between LoxP sites.

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