Imedicine. 2020 Dec 31
Lan-Lan Shi
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Research Field: CNS

Keywords: Aging, BMSC transplanting therapy, transcriptomes, proteomics, bioinformatics analysis, PTN


Objective: To compare the difference of the transcriptomes and proteomics between young and aging Macaca Mulatta, based on which to search for the effect and possible molecular mechanism of the stem cells applied in both young and aging Macaca Mulatta. Methods: months after stem cells were transplanted, the Macaca Mulatta were divided into two groups according to their ages. Group A was young group, while Group B was aging group.Each group was divided into 5 subsets, including T+:differential expression gene(DEG), P+:differential expression protein (DEPs), T+P-:significant difference in genes but not proteins(DEG, but≠DEP), T-P+:significant difference in proteins but not genes(=DEP, but≠DEG), T+P+:differentially expressed synergetic molecules(DEG=DEP).Thereafter, the hippocampal tissues of these two groups were harvested respectively, followed by the transcriptomes, proteomics and the bioinformatics respectively, to compare the alteration and the regulation of transcriptomes and proteomics between young and aging Macaca Mulatta with BMSC transplanting therapy. Results: It has been found that 9 synegetic molecules, including PI16, PLIN3,NDRG1, LOC704658, etc, were in the T+ P+ subset under the condition of BMSC transplanting. Among which, PTN, which was previously found to be closely associated with learning process, may play a crucial role in the aging progress, especially in learning ability attenuation. Conclusions: 1. Nine synegetic molecules found in this study may be functional molecules that is tightly associated both the transcription and translation of the aging genes and proteins, which is most likely to play a critical role in the aging progress. 2. It can therefore clearly be seen that PTN is a promising target molelcular in sooner future in aging stem cell transplanting treatment for the amelioration of the learning ability attenuation. 3. There may be some relationship between BMSC transplanting and the alteration of the transcriptomes-proteomics in aging Macaca Mulatta. However, the detailed action mechanism of BMSC awaits intensively elucidate. 4. Our works will shed new lights on the elucidation of the action mechanism of the BMSCs transplan

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