Nat Commun. 2023 Apr 11
Xiangfeng Kong, Hainan Zhang, Guoling Li, Zikang Wang, Xuqiang Kong, Lecong Wang, Mingxing Xue, Weihong Zhang, Yao Wang, Jiajia Lin, Jingxing Zhou, Xiaowen Shen, Yinghui Wei, Na Zhong, Weiya Bai, Yuan Yuan, Linyu Shi, Yingsi Zhou, and Hui Yang
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Research Field: RNA editing

Keywords: Targeted gene repair, Genetic engineering, CRISPR-Cas systems

AAV Serotype: AAV8

Dose: The AAV titer was 1 × 10^13 virus/200 μl; 200 μl of AAV was injected into the tail vein of each IDUA-W392X mouse. Mice were monitored four times per week for the duration of the experiment (4 weeks).

Animal or cell line strain: The experimental animals included 4- or 6-week-old Idua-W392X (B6.129S-Iduatm1.1Kmke/J) female mice (Jackson Laboratory, no. 017681) and C57BL/6 J female mice (Beijing Vital River Laboratory).


The type V-F CRISPR-Cas12f system is a strong candidate for therapeutic applications due to the compact size of the Cas12f proteins. In this work, we identify six uncharacterized Cas12f1 proteins with nuclease activity in mammalian cells from assembled bacterial genomes. Among them, OsCas12f1 (433 aa) from Oscillibacter sp. and RhCas12f1 (415 aa) from Ruminiclostridium herbifermentans, which respectively target 5′ T-rich Protospacer Adjacent Motifs (PAMs) and 5′ C-rich PAMs, show the highest editing activity. Through protein and sgRNA engineering, we generate enhanced OsCas12f1 (enOsCas12f1) and enRhCas12f1 variants, with 5′-TTN and 5′-CCD (D = not C) PAMs respectively, exhibiting much higher editing efficiency and broader PAMs, compared with the engineered variant Un1Cas12f1 (Un1Cas12f1_ge4.1). Furthermore, by fusing the destabilized domain with enOsCas12f1, we generate inducible-enOsCas12f1 and demonstate its activity in vivo by single adeno-associated virus delivery. Finally, dead enOsCas12f1-based epigenetic editing and gene activation can also be achieved in mammalian cells. This study thus provides compact gene editing tools for basic research with remarkable promise for therapeutic applications.

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