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π-Omega™ Plasmid DNA High-yield Production Platform

PackGene’s proprietary π-Omega™ Plasmid DNA High-yield Platform has increased the plasmid yield by more than 3 times through the plasmid backbone modification. The production scale can reach to 200L, and the single-batch production yield can reach to 100 grams. As a key raw material in AAV production, plasmid DNA cost reduction has greatly reduced AAV production cost, while meeting the growingly plasmids demand in the mRNA therapeutic field.


  • Greatly reduces cost by two-step chromatography
  • High-yield plasmid production through the plasmid backbone modification
  • Strain suitable for mRNA plasmid fermentation (maintaining the stability of polyA)

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Intellectual property:

One patents is pending.

Increases Yield about 3-4 times by Molecular Modification on Plasmid

Two-step Purification Process to Improve Plasmid Quality

Items 3-step 2-step
HCD <5ug/mg <2ug/mg
Supercoil >95% >95%
Endotoxin <10EU/mg <10EU/mg
Recovery >40% >50%
Remark stability High requirements for upstream stability

Lower HCD & Higher Recovery Rate

Yield of plasmid maintains in the same range