Current Challenges and Our Approaches to Developing Best-in-Class rAAV Manufacturing Processes for Large-scale GMP production.

Time: Sept 19-21, 2023
Address: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Contact: Irene Song(Sr. Director, Global Product)

Featured Products:

  • One-stop Custom AAV Packaging Services
  • AAV cGMP manufacturing
  • Reliable and compliant clinical-grade plasmid DNA
  • End-to-end solution for GMP mRNA & LNP


Technology Platforms:

  • π-Alpha 293 AAV High-yield Production Platform
  • π-Omega Plasmid DNA High-yield Production Platform
  • π-Icosa AAV Serotype Screening Platform

Panel Discussion: Future Outlooks for the growth of mRNA Manufacturing & Process Development

Case Study for IVT Optimization using DoE on mRNA in GMP Manufacturing Campaign

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