Mol Med. 2022 Oct 20
Chunli Zhao, Zijing Yang, Zhongrui Chen, Wenqi Liang, Shusheng Gong, and Zhengde Du
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AAV vector packaging Te AAV-ie vector carrying UCP2, or empty vector with a CAG promoter and enhanced green fuorescent protein (AAV-ie-CAG-UCP2-eGFP or AAV-ie-CAG-eGFP), were manufactured by PackGene Biotech (Guangzhou, China). AAV-ie-CAG-eGFP was as control vector. Request Quote

Research Field: ear

Keywords: UCP2, ARHL, IHC, AMPKα, Mitochondrion, Apoptosis

AAV Serotype: AAV-ie

Dose: A total of 2 μL of AAVie was injected into each cochlea within 4 min. AAV-ie empty vector and AAV-ie-UCP2 were transfected within the cochlea of mice in the group 3 and group 4, respectively. After the virus injection, the hole in the PSC was rapidly blocked using a small piece of muscle. And the skin incision was sutured and disinfect with povidone.

Routes of Administration: Mice aged 8 weeks were administrated with AAV-ie-GFP or AAV-ie-UCP2 via posterior semicircular canal injection.

Targeted organ: inner ear

Animal or cell line strain: Male C57BL/6 J mice


Uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2), activated by excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) in vivo, has the dual effect of reducing ROS to protect against oxidative stress and reducing ATP production to regulate cellular metabolism. Both the UCP2 and ROS are increased in cochleae in age-related hearing loss (ARHL). However, the role of UCP2 in sensory hair cells in ARHL remains unclear.

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