J Transl Med. 2022 May 13
Rong-chang Cao, Wan-jun Yang, Wang Xiao, Lei Zhou, Jie-hui Tan, Meng Wang, Zhi-tao Zhou, Huo-ji Chen, Jia Xu, Xue-mei Chen, Yang-chen Jin, Jia-yu Lin, Jun-ling Zeng, Shu-ji Li, Min Luo, Guo-dong Hu, Jin Jin, Xiao-bing Yang, Da Huo, Jie Zhou, and Guo-wei Zhang
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Research Field: pancreas

Keywords: PRSS1, Pancreatitis, St13, Sdf2l1, Lipid metabolism, PET/CT

AAV Serotype: AAV


Early diagnosis and treatment of chronic pancreatitis (CP) are limited. In this study, St13, a co-chaperone protein, was investigated whether it constituted a novel regulatory target in CP. Meanwhile, we evaluated the value of micro-PET/CT in the early diagnosis of CP.

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