Nature Biotechnology. 2023 Jun 29
Guanghai Xiang, Yuanqing Li, Jing Sun, Yongyuan Huo, Shiwei Cao, Yuanwei Cao, Yanyan Guo, Ling Yang, Yujia Cai, Yong E. Zhang & Haoyi Wang
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As the evolutionary ancestor of Cas12 nuclease, the transposon (IS200/IS605)-encoded TnpB proteins act as compact RNA-guided DNA endonucleases. To explore their evolutionary diversity and potential as genome editors, we screened TnpBs from 64 annotated IS605 members and identified 25 active in Escherichia coli, of which three are active in human cells. Further characterization of these 25 TnpBs enables prediction of the transposon-associated motif (TAM) and the right-end element RNA (reRNA) directly from genomic sequences. We established a framework for annotating TnpB systems in prokaryotic genomes and applied it to identify 14 additional candidates. Among these, ISAam1 (369 amino acids (aa)) and ISYmu1 (382 aa) TnpBs demonstrated robust editing activity across dozens of genomic loci in human cells. Both RNA-guided genome editors demonstrated similar editing efficiency as SaCas9 (1,053 aa) while being substantially smaller. The enormous diversity of TnpBs holds potential for the discovery of additional valuable genome editors.

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