Particuology. 2023 Mar
Tong Ye, Lingjiao Zou, Yishu Wang, Guanghui Ma
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Research Field: drug delivery

Keywords: Drug delivery; Single-cavity microcapsule; Pulsatile release; Self-healing; microparticle


A wide range of polymer-based drug delivery systems have been reported for the treatment of various diseases. However, the dosing regimen of many drugs, such as stimulator of interferon genes agonists, programmed cell death protein-1 antibodies, and coronavirus disease 2019 vaccines, consists of repeated intratumoral or intramuscular injections. These repeated administrations may lead to poor adherence, thus resulting in compromised therapeutic outcomes and increased financial burden. Here, we developed a multidose drug delivery platform by engineering polylactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) with different molecular weights into self-healing single-cavity microcapsules (SSM). This approach showed a flexible collocation strategy to achieve customized pulsatile drug release and was fully degradable with good safety. Notably, this single-injection delivery system contains only PLGA, holding great promise for clinical translation.

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