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Traditional Knock-In animal model construction usually takes at least 6 months and a lot of manpower. Obtaining large-scale animal models in a shorter period of time, especially in response to sudden drug development, have always been a great challenge. Whether a suitable animal model can be quickly obtained in time, is the key to success. To Face the challenge of the new coronavirus epidemic, PackGene has successfully developed a simple method to build an animal model to overexpress hACE2 protein. Our animal model shows a good tissue-specific distribution of hACE2, which is very suitable for new coronavirus-related drug development and research experiments.

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PackGene applies the rAAV virus vector to infect specific mice organs so as to obtain the AAV-hACE2 animal model. The tissues in mice can continuously and stably express hACE2 protein, which is a simple and time-saving operation for new coronavirus-related drug development and research.

Comparison between AAV-hACE2 animal modeling and traditional animal modeling

AAV-hACE2 animal modeling

Traditional animal modeling

Production Cycle

Short cycle within 14 days
Over 6 months


Complicated steps


Specific distribution
Wide distribution

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